An Occasional Cow

c"What do you do all summer, then?" asked Imogene.

"The same things we do in the winter," said Josephine. "Only there are more mosquitoes and we teach the new pigs to walk on their hands."

Mosquitoes and freakish pigs? If this is Iowa, Imogene wants nothing to do with it!

Imogene's summer camp has burned down, and typically, her parents won't let her stay in New York. Instead, they are sending her to visit relatives in Iowa. Imogene can hardly believe her fate.


"A clever story that heralds a promising new writer."— Starred/Booklist

"Horvath has made a neat blend of slapstick humor, sophisticated, witty dialogue, and the ups and downs of kids learning to get along in a new situation." —Kirkus Reviews

"The spirit of this anything-goes comedy is wholehearted fun."— Publishers Weekly

"Imaginative . . . droll" —The New York Times Book Review