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Credits and Copyright

Polly Horvath's books have been illustrated by talented artists in the US and in other countries. Here are the names of those whose work appears on this site:

      • Sophie Blackall (Lord and Lady Bunny—Almost Royalty© 2014)
      • Sophie Blackall (Mr. and Mrs Bunny—Detectives Extradinaire! © 2012)
      • Matt Mahurin (My One Hundred Adventures © 2008, Northward to the Moon © 2010)
      • John Henrix (The Corps of the Bare-Boned Plane © 2007)
      • Miles Hyman (The Vacation: © 2005 )
      • Marilyn Hafner (The Pepins and Their Problems: © 2004)
      • Boris Kulikov (The Canning Season: © 2003)
      • Galina Miklinova (When the Circus Came to Town, Czech edition: © 1999)
      • Gina Freschet (Everything on a Waffle: © 2001)
      • Wendy Anderson Halperin (The Trolls: © 1999)
      • David Small (When the Circus Came to Town: © 1996)
      • Tracey Campbell Pearson (The Happy Yellow Car: © 1994)
      • Bryce Lee (No More Cornflakes: © 1993)
      • Gioia Fiammenghi (An Occasional Cow © 1989)

Listening Library excerpts © Random House Audio

CBC audio clips © Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Author photos: Rebecca Keller

Unless otherwise indicated, all content © Polly Horvath Inc., 2004-2017. All rights reserved.

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